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Who Is Camus Hydronics, Inc?

Jun 21

Manufacturer of high-efficiency, gas-fired water heaters made of copper tubes and stainless steel for residential, light commercial, commercial, and industrial applications.

Camus Hydronics is housed in a cutting-edge testing laboratory, engineering department, manufacturing and assembly lines, a warehouse, and a parts depot.

  • In boilers and water heaters, condensing, non-condensing, and near-condensing heat exchangers are employed.
  • With an input of 80 MBH, you can get up to 6,000 MBH.
  • All-purpose item.
  • Regardless of your pricing point, there's a product for you.


Hydronic heating may be provided by the Avenger, a commercial counterflow Firetube boiler. Turndown ratio is 25:1 with 98% thermal efficiency.


The stainless steel DynaForce condensing boiler and water heater is a WATERTUBE design. With a range of 300-5,000 MBH there are 18 options.


Stainless steel or copper water tube boiler and water heater, the DynaFlame. Non-condensing, near-condensing, and fully condensing models are all available. A total of 16 distinct models are offered, ranging in capacity from 500 MBH up to 6,000 MBH!


For hydronic heating and hot water supply, the Valiant is a commercial two-pass counter flow Firetube boiler. Thermal efficiency is 99 percent and turndown ratio is 10:1.


The DynaMax is a water heater and boiler made of stainless steel. There are 13 various models to choose from, ranging from an 80 MBH wall mount to an 800 MBH wall mount.


With a stainless steel tank within, the Vtech is a water heater Sizes range from 80 to 499 MBH and are offered in nine different models.


For every boiler design, the DynaFlo provides infinite household water. With a capacity ranging from 80 to 499 MBH, there are nine different models.