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Foolproof Ways to Prolong Your Furnace Service Life

May 5

furnace maintenanceOne of the oldest yet most reliable heating systems used in a residential or commercial property is a furnace. A furnace works by evenly distributing heated air throughout a particular area. Before, this heating device was powered with either wood or coal. Nowadays, it uses propane, gas, and even electricity. 

This critical component of your HVAC system must be subjected to routine maintenance for efficiency and effectiveness. If you want to know how to do essential furnace maintenance, London, ON, we gathered foolproof ways that will prolong your device’s service life. 

Perform Routine Maintenance

Performing routine checking and maintenance is critical know-how for every property owner. But, when the winter comes, it is essential that a professional comes over and perform a thorough assessment of your furnace’s performance. 

A MaxCare Heating & Cooling professional who can provide furnace maintenance London, ON, will inspect, clean, or repair your heating device to guarantee safe, warm, and fuzzy cold days ahead. 

What’s more, routine professional maintenance will guarantee that your furnace will save money in the long run. This efficiency will also improve indoor air quality. 

Call Professionals for Immediate Furnace Repair

It doesn’t matter whether you have a newly installed furnace or have an old yet operating one. If you notice it’s not working as usual, then it is a sign that you need to call the professionals immediately. 

Although there are a lot of tutorials online that provide a quick fix for a furnace concern, a system of such importance should only be looked at by a professional. Avoid tinkering with a furnace without sufficient knowledge or tools, as it can fail your device prematurely. Call professionals like MaxCare Heating and Cooling immediately. 

Assess Your Home’s Insulation

Another factor that will prolong your furnace’s life is by checking your home’s insulation. When your home’s insulation is damaged, it causes your furnace to overwork, putting your device’s life in trouble. 

Ask for a reliable professional’s help when checking for the quality of insulation in your home. Better insulation will make your home warm and cozy during the cold season. 

Check for Ductwork Breaches

As your furnace works overtime, it collects debris and dust. The buildup creates clog and negatively impacts your heater. This deteriorated performance from your furnace can also be worsened by a ductwork breach. 

A ductwork breach loses around 30% of the conditioned and heated air. If you don’t want to overwork your furnace, it is recommended that you check for ductwork effectiveness in your home. Checking for ductwork breaches also limits dust or debris buildup. It also improves your home’s overall comfort. 

Replace Air Filters Regularly

Another method of prolonging your furnace’s service life is replacing its air filters. The purpose of an air filter is to prevents dust, dirt, or debris from entering the blower fan. 

It is recommended that you replace a dirty air filter every one to six months. If you aren’t aware of how long you need to replace each filter, then it is best to check every one to six months assess if it is dirty enough before replacing it. 

Hire Professionals for Furnace Maintenance Now!

A furnace is a critical component of your HVAC system. If it is not cared for correctly, your comfort during the winter will be compromised and your bills get higher.

Prolong its service life and keep your bills low by calling MaxCare Heating and Cooling for furnace maintenance, London, ON! Contact them today for a free consultation and schedule your annual maintenance! The company has skilled and experienced technicians ready to serve you.