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Jan 12


By Columbus Airduct Cleaning

One of our most requested questions is when should they clean their air-ducts. Due to the high demand, today's article will address this question in more detail. To help you make an informed choice, we'll also provide information regarding air duct cleaners.

When is the Best Time for Air Duct Cleaning?

To be completely honest, there's no perfect time for duct-cleaning, regardless of what you read online. Some people employ a professional to clean their ducts on an annual basis while others do it once in a while. One thing is certain: if your HVAC system hasn't been cleaned in some time, it may not be working to its full potential. It will also likely be significantly less efficient. Our duct cleaning service is the most popular, whether it's spring or fall, summer or winter. But let's not forget the many benefits that each season brings for air duct cleaning.

Spring and Fall

You can prepare for the winter heat by scheduling the service in spring or fall. You will also find that our service is more convenient and can be completed faster, as your HVAC system has less activity or is off.

Why is spring considered to be the best season for cleaning air ducts?

While air ducts can be cleaned at any time of year, the best time to do so is in spring. There are many benefits for house owners to have these vents and ducts cleaned in spring. First, it is mild outside and your HVAC system is usually off. It is possible to have them professionally cleaned, without any disruption to your daily life. It will make your summer more enjoyable by allowing you to breathe fresher air. It will also eliminate all the snow and dirt that has accumulated over the winter. Many insects and rodents may settle in your air ducts from winter heating. All kinds of bugs and other unhappiness can be easily removed from ducts if you do a thorough clean.

Summer & winter

The service can be done during winter or summer. This means you indoors will stay warmer during winter and cooler during the summer heat. To learn more, contact our duct cleaning professionals at 888-758-1835.


You will be amazed at the amazing benefits of using clean air ducts

If you have duct cleaning needs, professional service will provide a clean and healthy environment. Here are some of your benefits from clean air-ducts:

  • dust accumulation removal;
  • Avoid allergies triggers
  • pet dander/shedding removal;
  • Mold growth prevention
  • HVAC efficiency improvement;
  • Able to remove unpleasant odors.


Our recommendations

If you have not yet decided to hire professional air duct cleaning services, we suggest that you do so soon to avoid any potential problems.

Warning Signs of Dirty Ducts

According to the EPA some warning signs you should be aware of are:

  • You may have signs of mold buildup within your house or your system.
  • You may experience rodent or vermin-related problems.
  • Signs of insects invading your system and ductwork can be visible.
  • If you turn on the AC or heating system, you'll see visible particles and dust blowing out from the vent.

In addition to these warning signs, you should also look for dark buildup at the vent's edges and dusty areas around the filter. Your system may be capable of cleaning itself but it will eventually become too difficult.


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